Richard Segal

Douglasville City Council Member Richard Segal has planned a town hall meeting to discuss issues next week.

Segal represents Ward 5, which encompasses the Tributary neighborhood and other areas on the eastern side of the city.

The town hall meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is set to take place at the Hampton inn and Suites located at 999 Bob Arnold Blvd. in Lithia Springs.

Segal said the meeting will focus on the Southwest Thornton Road Master Plan, Kimley-Horn Public Input Results and SPLOST Update. It is open to any and all citizens within the city and county.

"We are going to talk about the future," said Segal. "We are almost done with the study that the Douglas County Economic Development Authority has commissioned for the southwest Thornton Road area. We will talk about the next steps there and what actions might the city and the county take to implement the results of the plan. Also what does economic development look like and what does development look like.

"The story of Ward 5 is growth," continued Segal. "This is where, in the city of Douglasville, a large percentage of our industrial growth and our residential growth is in Ward 5. That is the story of Ward 5 as well as the plan covers both the city and the county in that area."

Segal said he wants to focus on Ward 5 and how it is different from the various counterparts.

"We are different from the rest of the city," explained Segal. "We are geographically separated from the rest of the city. Ward 5 goes all the way to Cobb County and Fulton County lines. People think Douglasville, they think (the downtown) area. They forget that there is a big chunk of Douglasville that is in the Lithia Springs zip code. Our opportunities and challenges are different than the rest of the city."

The main reason for these differences, Segal explained, is because of the types of businesses that are in that area.

"We are seeing a lot of big boxes that could be distribution centers, that could be manufacturing facilities and that could be data centers," said Segal. "That is what the landscape has gravitated towards because that is what the market is looking for. It is market driven."

Along with discussing these items, Segal hopes to stay open with the citizens and get them engaged via the town hall meeting.

"Town hall meeting is a way for elected officials to get out and meet with their constituents, meet with the public," said Segal. "It's really hard to get a message out to everybody. People get their information in different ways. We try as many ways as possible to get information out. It is important to try to have as many open lines of communication as possible.

"Get informed, get involved," continued Segal. "Those four words right there, that's my motto. I want to get out there and make sure that I am accessible in as many ways as possible to the community."

Segal said he hopes there is enough time at the end for a question and answer session with the citizens.

"It is not only us talking," explained Segal. "We want to hear as well."

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