Sheriff's office looking for missing woman

Danielle Barfield

A Douglasville woman who the Douglas County Sheriff's Office believes left her home on her own will is missing.

As every minute, hour and day go by, 23-year-old Danielle Barfield's friends and family continue their efforts to find her.

"It makes me feel horrible," Barfield's friend Kaitlin McClure said. "She is a mother to four children and they need her more than anything."

Barfield's children are currently being watched by her mother, grandmother, and sisters right now, according to McClure.

Barfield was last seen in Douglas County between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 3, according to the sheriff's office.

Barfield was reported missing by her family and the purpose of trying to locate her is to verify her well-being, according to Sgt. Jesse Hambrick.

Barfield left an address on Anneewakee Road with an unknown male driving her 2006 pewter Chevrolet Malibu LT with the license plate of WQM 013. Her hair color is believed to have changed since her a picture of her released by the sheriff's office in a Be On the Look Out (BOLO) was taken, according to the DCSO.

She may be with 24-year-old Denescoe Rose, according to the sheriff's office. Rose and Barfield have a history of domestic violence in their relationship and Rose has since had a bond restriction to stay away from, directly or indirectly from the person, home or employment of Barfield, according to the sheriff's office. It is unknown whether Barfield is with Rose or if she's still with her vehicle right now.

While the sheriff's office issued the BOLO on her Sept. 8 and her picture has been shared across social media and the DCSO website, Barfield still hasn't been found yet.

"They need to confess," McClure said of people claiming to know Barfield's whereabouts. "Speak up and let it be known that she is at least OK."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Inv. Meranda Sealock at 678-486-1294 or 770-949-5656.

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