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Special/Douglasville Police Department This sketch shows a male suspect wanted for assaulting a 14-year-old girl in the Charlton Crossing Subdivision on Oct. 13. Douglasville police are hopeful evidence recovered at the crime scene will lead to an arrest.

It’s been just over a month since a 14-year-old girl was assaulted while waiting for her school bus in Douglasville, and the suspect in the case is still on the run.

Douglasville Police Maj. J.R. Davidson said the suspect hasn’t been identified even though a sketch of the man was released a day after the Chapel Hill Middle School student was assaulted on Oct. 13 in the Charlton Crossing Subdivision off Prestley Mill Road.

But Davidson said the police department recovered evidence at the crime scene he hopes will lead to an arrest. Davidson declined to reveal what type of evidence was recovered but said DPD hopes to have results back in the next several weeks.

“It’s still an active investigation, but there’s been no other similar incidents that we’re aware of,” Davidson said. “So we’re still hoping that some evidence that we have is going to give us some more information.”

The attack occurred around 7:30 a.m. in the girl’s home. The victim saw a man make eye contact with her as she was crossing the street which made her uncomfortable, Capt. Brad Stafford said previously.

Stafford said the girl then made her way back to her home as the suspect began to chase her. The girl quickly put the key code into her front door as the suspect shoved her into the house.

Davidson said the victim and suspect only got into the threshold of the house, roughly 2 feet inside the front door.

The suspect slammed the girl so hard into the wall, the drywall behind her broke, Stafford said. A decorative basket of dishes fell during the struggle. The girl grabbed one of the dishes on the ground and smashed it on the subject’s head, Stafford said.

After being hit by the dish, the suspect ran out of the house, and the girl ran upstairs and called her mother, who then called 911, Davidson said.

Davidson said the girl was not sexually assaulted and suffered no serious injuries.

The suspect was last seen wearing a red shirt, yellow jacket with a reflective green cross, dark pants, and black shoes with the sole damaged on one shoe. Police believe the man is between 30-40 years old with facial stubble, un-kept bushy hair with sideburns, and a missing tooth.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to contact Det. Dave Watson at 678-293-1697 or watsond@douglasvillega.gov. The police department can also be reached at 770-920-3010.

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