Douglasville police were involved in a chase on Interstate 20 late Sunday morning after valuables were stolen from a vehicle at a gas station on Highway 5.

Maj. J. R. Davidson said a call to 911 was made after the valuables were stolen from the front seat of a car stopped at the gas station with a description of the vehicle the theft suspect was driving, and DPD set up a lookout for the vehicle on I-20.

Davidson did not immediately have information on which gas station on Highway 5 the crime occurred at.

A DPD officer saw the vehicle on I-20 and tried to pull the vehicle over near Chapel Hill Road. However, Davidson said the driver sped off, traveling at speeds of up to 130 mph.

Davidson said conditions including traffic and weather were too dangerous for the pursuing officers to try to stop the suspect via a P.I.T. maneuver and the chase was called off at I-20 near Lee Road.

Davidson said there was no tag on the vehicle and that police will be reviewing video from the gas station and the pursuit to try to identify the suspect or suspects involved.

Davidson said there were one or two other incidences of purses and other valuables taken from vehicles at gas stations in Douglasville within the last week. No arrests have been made in those crimes, Davidson said.

He said DPD is not sure if the suspect or suspects in Sunday’s incident were also involved in the other similar crimes from last week.

Davidson called the thefts at gas stations “a crime of opportunity.” He pointed out that criminals looking to steal valuables from vehicles know that people at gas stations who leave their cars for a few minutes are more likely to leave them unlocked.

He advises all citizens to not leave valuables including purses in view at gas stations or anywhere else and to always lock their vehicle’s doors.

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