A Fulton County teenager who was allegedly selling marijuana-laced treats to other teenagers was arrested last week in the Walmart parking lot off of Highway 5 in Douglasville.

Addae Simmons, 19, was taken into custody after undercover DPD cops bought rice krispie treats and brownies from him. Simmons is now being held at the Douglas County jail.

Maj. J.R. Davidson said Simmons ran an online-based business out of his Fulton County home where he delivered marijuana edible snacks, mostly targeting high school students. Davidson said police don't believe Simmons delivered to any Douglas County schools. Davidson said that the DPD is always encouraged to work with other agencies like the Fulton County Police Department, which was also present at the time of Simmons’ arrest.

“There’s nothing to say that he couldn’t have started selling here,” Davidson said. “That’s why we’re given the information, given the tips, and then we acted on it.”

The high that comes from edibles usually doesn’t hit the user as fast as a high from smoking marijuana does. Due to its THC level, those who use edibles typically eat a small portion of the snack, as opposed to eating regular snacks. Levy Pongi was 19 at the time he jumped to his death in 2015 in Colorado after consuming six times the recommended amount of THC in a marijuana cookie, according to a CBS news report.

“Parents need to be aware of what’s out there and aware of their kids purchasing things like that or taking things like that from friends and other people,” Davidson said. “They just need to be aware that it does exist. Be cautious of things that are being taken like edibles, brownies, and treats that are coming from people that you don’t know.”

Simmons was charged with five felonies, including two counts of Schedule I controlled substance. He was denied bond by a Douglas County magistrate court judge.

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