I read in a recent Douglas County Sentinel article about the "No Buses" movement in our county. Last year, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners approved the bus service expansion plan. Bus expansion is a plan whose time has come. This expansion will allow the citizens of Douglas County access to the services, connecting points and shopping that is vitally important in everyone's life. Folks will be able to get to their jobs, medical offices, clinics, the courthouse and many other places they need to travel to.

Douglas County has traffic problems. Traveling on Thornton Road, through downtown Douglasville, or worse yet, on Highway 5 at rush hour, I can't believe anyone would think it's a good idea to add one more large SUV or pickup truck with a single occupant. One bus could take 10 or even 20 of the large, wasteful vehicles out of the mix, allowing traffic to flow more quickly. There is also the amount of energy these behemoth's require that we need to consider. The more vehicles we have on our roads, the more dependant this great country is on foreign oil, such as tar sands oil from Canada. Our energy dependence on foreign countries makes us more vulnerable to being attacked and less secure as a nation.

Expanded public transportation makes for a cleaner environment, healthier citizens, and less overall pollution. By following the Board of Commissioners' lead and expanding bus service, we will be giving the people of Douglas County a way to travel to their destinations without adding to the toxic pollution already fouling the air we breathe.

Dave Fedack


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