McNeely enjoys wide support within Douglas County GOP

Dear Editor,

In an article titled "McNeely aiming for Georgia GOP chairmanship" published on Wednesday May 10, 2017, your paper referenced Michael McNeely's past strained relationship with local Republican board member Jack Gamel. However, the article failed to adequately encapsulate Michael's current relationship with the broader Douglas County Republican Party. Accordingly, I am writing to add clarity to that relationship.

Let me begin by saying I personally consider Michael a friend and contributed financially to his campaign to be elected Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. As Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party, I would never tolerate any effort to exclude him from involvement in the local party.

I speak for the local Republican Party leadership when I say Michael is a shining example of what we should aspire to. We are happy to brag on Michael as a Douglas County Republican whenever possible. Although his position as First Vice-Chair of the Georgia Republican Party requires him to consistently attend Republican events in other Georgia counties and around the country, he is welcome at any event the Douglas County Republican Party holds. In fact, Michael regularly attends local GOP events when his schedule allows. Michael was the only candidate for state GOP Chairman to address the delegates to our county and district GOP conventions this year, the latter taking place on April 22 here in Douglas County.

In closing, Michael enjoys wide support within the Douglas County Republican Party and we wish him well in his quest to become Georgia GOP chairman and in future endeavors.

Ryan R. Leonard, Chairman

Douglas County Republican Party

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