The Editor:

Recently, the city of Douglasville and its citizens went through a very trying zoning issue. I know from firsthand experience that there are positive and negative issues on both sides that must be considered and debated. On the one hand we must always strive for bettering our community both economically and socially. On the other hand, whatever we do must be a good fit for the community. To this point, there can be as many differing opinions as trees in the forest. The burden of leading us through the maze falls upon the leadership of the city. To this point, I want to express my sincere appreciation to Mayor Robinson and also to Councilman Mark Adams for their guidance through the issue. Of particular note, I want to express my thanks to Councilman Adams for the "take charge, even handedness and control of the issue" performance of his duties. Councilman Adams, JOB WELL DONE.

Ron Wilson


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