Two suspects have been cleared, and a fire that destroyed a mobile home on Blackberry Creek Drive Monday morning has been determined as being accidental.

The resident was at home when the fire started, but without a cellphone she had to flag down a motorist to call 911.

“We had a fairly quick response time once the call was made,” said Deputy Chief Bud Benefield of Carroll Couonty Fire Rescue. “The fire was under control within about 30 minutes. However, the home was a complete loss.”

Firefighters were concerned the fire might have been arson because there have been several fires in the neighborhood in the past two years caused by juvenile suspects.

“We were able to rule out the two suspects that we thought who could cause the fire,” Benefield said. “We were able to locate the individuals and so we knew it could not be them.

“We always want to make people aware of the Georgia Arson Hotline which is a toll-free arson hotline at 1-800-282-5804,” Benefield said. “Even though this was an accidental fire, any fires that anyone has information on, they should call the hotline.”

Benefield said that some information can have up to a $10,000 reward and the comments can remain anonymous

“We are still looking into how it started exactly,” said Benefield. “We have not ruled out power because even though we have found the power to be off to the house, there is still power at the meter.”

Carroll County Fire Rescue was able to connect the resident with the Red Cross for temporary living quarters.


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