District 2 County Commissioner Vicki Anderson will not be seeking re-election when her term expires in 2018.

On Tuesday, Anderson thanked her constituents for their faith in her for the past 12 years and reflected on the accomplishments of her district, which includes Fairfield Plantation and Villa Rica, since she’s been in office. Anderson, who is a practicing nurse, said she feels it’s just time for someone new.

“I just think it’s been 12 years and it’s time to bring someone else in and get some new blood,” she said.

Some of the things Anderson has been pleased with over the years include the construction of the amphitheater in Villa Rica, the expansion of the justice center, and road pavings. She’s also pleased to see the new library, the College and Career Academy, and relocation of Georgia State Patrol Post 4. As someone in health care, she is also pleased to see the expansion of Tanner which will serve her district.

“All of these things have been wonderful for the city,” Anderson said. “I think that the downtown area and Main Street Villa Rica have grown and prospered. The gold museum, from the wineries and such, has shown that the city has really grown and helped put Villa Rica on the map.”

Whoever succeeds her, Anderson hopes that person will continue to address the water problems the city has had.

“I’m just excited to turn this over to someone else and hopefully they’ll come up with some very creative ideas,” she said. “I have really enjoyed being the commissioner for District 2. I feel like I’ve learned along the way just like I tried to educate many of the citizens. I think we’ve made great progress and I look forward to passing the baton to someone else and letting them continue with the smart growth that our county needs. It’s been great to serve and just managing the growth and planning for future growth.”

Anderson is expecting growth from Atlanta to make its way to Villa Rica.

“There’s so much opportunity here so I would look forward to the changes and I’ve been involved in it for many years and I look forward to the new ideas.”



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