Villa Rica police are asking for the public’s help in identifying suspects who broke into the BP Amoco on Conner Road in Villa Rica on Dec. 12  and stole a container of lottery tickets.

The suspects’ images were caught on security cameras at the store. Residents can view the photos on the Villa Rica Police Department’s Facebook page.

Police responded to a call in reference to a burglary at the convenience store last week. Police spoke with an employee who made the call and said that when she arrived she found the front entrance door broken and the alarm sounding from the inside.

The employee told police she turned the alarm off and then called 911 to report the burglary. A container of lottery tickets that should have been on the corner of the store counter was reported missing.

The number of lottery tickets inside the container could not be estimated. Detectives were notified and arrived on the scene to obtain the video footage of the suspect entering and leaving the store.

The manager of the store was unable to give an estimate for the replacement of the glass door that was damaged but did tell police that he would contact the Georgia Lottery Commission to report the theft of the tickets.

The video footage that was obtained showed a silver or gray SUV-type vehicle pulling up in front of the entrance door and a person stepping out of the driver side of the vehicle. The person walked around to the rear passenger side door and appeared to remove something from the vehicle.

Police said the person then threw a rock through the glass door, entered and removed the lottery container from the counter and left the store, but stopped to pick up items that he dropped while leaving. A strip of lottery tickets was found at the door where the person was seen picking up items from the ground.

Detectives could not determine if the subject was male or female.

Police provided photos of persons of interest but they ask to take note of the gray hoodie with the design worn by one person. If anyone has any information, contact Det. Blake Terry at the Villa Rica Police Department at 678-840-1322 or by email at


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