The city of Carrollton has purchased five properties in the Bristol Lakes community that will be occupied by public safety officials. 

City Councilman Gerald Byrd said he requested that two of the properties be made available to people in human relations and services or clergy fields.

“I want to make sure that someone from human services or clergy are being in there as well so the whole thing is not run by police,” said Byrd. “Maybe a minister or maybe a counselor. So my vote was to change the presentation and to amend it to say clergymen and or someone in human relations and human services, maybe someone from the Peace Corps or a counselor or a minister.”

City Manager Tim Grizzard said the subdivision, which is where 13-year-old Nizzear Rodriguez was shot to death in his sleep, presents a “very unique situation.” There have been allegations of illegal activities, including gang activity and drug use and residents have asked the city for closed-circuit cameras and other assistance to curb “suspicious and potentially dangerous” behavior.

Grizzard said the properties are expected to be fully acquired in the next few days.

“We have those under contract,” he said. “We are doing our due diligence and we plan to close on those in the next few days. We will have five public safety officers lined up to move into those units. We are doing there what private apartments do when they move public safety officials in and let them have rent for free. We have some police officers that actually do that around town and that actually keeps the area more safe. ... So we made a huge investment there and we want to move those five officers and we hope that will clean that area up.”



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