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The storage building behind 302 South Street restaurant was heavily damaged by fire Friday.

Jessica Gallagher/Times-Georgian

A Carrollton restaurant lost many of its supplies Friday when its storage building caught fire around noon.

The 302 South Street restaurant also used the storage building as an office area.

“I haven’t really been able to assess what all we have lost yet but we just received a couple of delivery trucks this morning and that building held all of our storage,” said 302 South Street owner Jacob Skelton. “That was all of our storage except what we had in the freezer. We had equipment in there but whatever is not in the restaurant was in that building.”

Skelton said that in the past the restaurant had small kitchen fires and smoker fires, but this fire was the worst it has experienced.

“The ground caught on fire because of the leaves so by the time everyone noticed, it was engulfed,” Skelton said. “Friday is one of our busiest days, too. Fortunately we have an iPad system so we can continue to run the restaurant, handwrite tickets and managing as best as we can. When we first started we were on a handwritten system anyways so it will be like going back to old school but we have to do what we can to continue.”

City of Carrollton Fire Department arson investigator Bill Lambert said there were no injuries reported.

“We had a quick response due to our location. They had no damage to the main building but the shed itself is a significant loss for 302 because that is were they keep their breads and papers and possibly in the range of $100,000 was lost.”

Lambert said that also two vehicles, a cook’s and the owners, took damage from the flames because they were parked next to the building.

“Most of the damage is in the exterior and underneath the building,” Lambert said. “Because of wind and dry conditions, the leaves spreading underneath the building is what caused most of the damage. They were cooking in the back corner of the building, as a normal routine, with the smoker and that is the area we are investigating.”

Lambert said that a contractor will come in later to see whether the building can be saved.

“There is mostly water damage and some fire damage to the building,” he said. “The restaurant should be able to be up and running since there was no damage to it but it is still a great loss for them, sadly. We are still investigating what started the fire and what to do next.”


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