Infrastructure, jobs, and communication between constituents and leaders are three key areas Clint Chance wants to focus on should he be elected the next Carroll County commissioner for District 2.

On Tuesday, Chance, 38, officially announced he is seeking office and said he has gotten an endorsement from current District 2 Commissioner Vicki Anderson who announced that she will not be seeking re-election after serving for more than 12 years. Anderson, who plans to continue nursing, said she feels it’s time to give someone else an opportunity to serve.

Chance earned his degree in management from the University of West Georgia after graduating from Villa Rica High School. He is a special events planner who serves on several boards in the area. He said he’s devoted much of his time to serving the community in that capacity and feels it is now time to take the next step.

In hearing the wants and needs of residents Chance said he has been encouraged many times over the years to run for public office but declined to do so. He said he respects the office of elected officials and wanted to ensure he was ready to take on such an honored responsibility. For years, he has attended city council and county meetings and work sessions.

“Today is that time,” he said. “If I were elected, obviously my district would be Villa Rica down into Fairfield so … I’ve been to work sessions and every city council meeting. I’ve found myself in many meetings and I can look around and there are only two or three citizens there, me being one of them. So I think it’s important that people are in tune with what’s going on if they decide to up and run.

“I want to make sure I have the knowledge and experience to come into office and not be so green … I believe the time is right now.”

He said ensuring the communication between the county leaders and residents is important in whatever form they reach out on including social media.

“Another big issue for me is going to be infrastructure and jobs,” said Chance. “I believe infrastructure and roads have to be in top-notch condition along with water and sewer to be able to handle expansion that ultimately comes with jobs. Many times, a company can think about coming into a community and if the infrastructure is not there to sustain them to be able to come in, they may not. So I just want to make sure I’m there on top of that. The infrastructure goes hand-in-hand with the job development and expansion.”



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