The Carrollton City Council on Monday recognized the Parks and Recreation Department and its director, Peter Maierhofer, for their award-winning year.

The CPRD last month received several individual and program awards from the Georgia Recreation and Park Association, and many of those winners were in attendance at Monday’s council meeting.

“This is one of the best years our Parks and Recreation Department has had with the Georgia Recreation and Park Association,” said Maierhofer. “Without dedicated staff on the Recreation Commission and hundreds of volunteers that work for us on an annual basis, part-time employees or city manager that supports us in a manner and council who understands that quality of life is an important part of community’s success, none of this would have been possible. To put all of this in perspective to everybody, on an average, we typically win two or three awards each year as we compete with other agencies all over the state. This year we brought home nine awards for the Carrollton community.”

Those include the GRPA Agency of the Year Award.

“This award is voted on by parks and recreation professionals and highlights major accomplishments, outstanding programs offered, and the significant contributions an agency makes to its community,” said Maierhofer. “As Mayor Walt Hollingsworth stated recently, ‘our parks and recreation staff is second to none, and they have been successful for a long time. The quality of life they provide for our community is what most towns our size wish they had. We continue to be proud of them and all that they do for our Carrollton community’.”

Laura Richards was named the GRPA Outstanding Volunteer of the Year for her work with the Carrollton GreenBelt. She was cited for her efforts for having a lasting, positive effect on parks and recreation in the state of Georgia.

“The 18-mile linear park encircles the city of Carrollton and is the largest green space and greenway conservation project ever undertaken in our community,” said Maierhofer. “Without her leadership and vision, this project would have taken years to accomplish. Thank you, Laura for your gift, and what a wonderful legacy you have established in our town.”

The GRPA Outstanding Project Award was presented to Kent Johnston for his work on the GreenBelt. Maierhofer also acknowledged the city staff, including Tim Grizzard, Erica Studdard, Tommy Holland, the police and fire departments, John Bass, the Path Foundation, and the Community Foundation of West Georgia for their contributions to the project.

Ward 1 Councilman Gerald Byrd won the Georgia Recreation and Park Association’s Volunteer of the Year awards at both the district and state level for his work on Legends West Park.

“That started out as a dream, and became a reality this past year with the completion of the park in the west Carrollton community,” said Maierhofer. “It is one of the most beautiful parks in our community, and one we can all be proud of in our town.”

Dr. Eric Heine also won the Georgia Recreation and Park Association Volunteer of the Year for his work on the 18-hole disc golf course at Hobbs Park.

“His dedication to the project from start to finish is why our Carrollton community has the number one-ranked disc golf course in the state of Georgia,” Maierhofer said. “This was a true partnership between private citizens and public recreation to produce a fantastic amenity for people to enjoy for years in our Carrollton community.”

Tonya Pittman’s Volunteer of the Year Award was for her leadership with Carrollton Flexettes gymnastics team as a parent volunteer. The program also won an Outstanding Special Event Award with the help of Stacey Kyne.

“The children make our Carrollton Flexettes successful, but if we did not have parents like Tonya volunteering her time, we would not be able to host high-caliber meets, and have such a well run volunteer parent organization,” said Maierhofer. “With Stacey, gymnastics classes that have almost doubled over the last two year. Stacey spends numerous hours training her staff to provide a safe and quality gymnastics program. The program currently has over 200 registered gymnasts that come through the East Carrollton Gymnastics Center every six-week session.”

Dottee Morton won an Outstanding Special Event Award for the Carrollton Fall Festival that the department holds in collaboration with Main Street each year. Maierhofer said the partnership has allowed both departments to combine resources, and offer more to residents.

Also recognized at the meeting was the CPRD’s under 14 girls volleyball team who brought home the Georgia Recreation and Park Association Volleyball state championship trophy.

“We are proud of this accomplishment because our girls won back to back state volleyball titles, last year and this year,” said Maierhofer. “Our girls went 5-0 in the state tournament never losing a single set. This was a very talented group of young girls that we took to State this year and they competed at a very high level, showed great sportsmanship, and represented the City of Carrollton very well! Congratulations on behalf of the Mayor and Council for capturing the state title for our city.”


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