The city of Carrollton has created an Office of Prosecuting Attorney of the Municipal Court and appointed Kevin Drummond to the post. Now the city will have to notify the Prosecuting Attorneys Council in the State of Georgia of the developments.

The office is commonly know as “solicitor.”

City Attorney Chuck Conerly said the city in 1997 created the position of the city solicitor for the Municipal Court and appointed at the time the general solicitor for the county. Since that time, for almost 20 years, the general solicitor for the county has also served as a solicitor in the Municipal Court.

“We were told by Doug Vassy, the current solicitor general, that he’s frankly too busy and doesn’t feel like he can continue to do both so the decision was made to change and have someone else appointed in that capacity,” said Conerly. “When we looked at it, there actually was a state statute that was adopted back in 2012 that says if you’re going to have a city solicitor then you have to have a resolution or an ordinance that creates the office of the city solicitor and so Resolution 03-2018 is a resolution that will create the office of the prosecuting attorney in the Municipal Court.”

The city solicitor shall serve for a two-year term and be appointed by the city manager.

Conerly said the city solicitor will not be a city employee as the position will be on a contractual basis, which is essentially the same relationship the city has now the solicitor general.


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