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Dwayne Hicks of the West Metro Board of Realtors gives Mitt Conerly Sr., left, the award from the National Association of Realtors for outstanding achievements in the commercial real estate industry.

Jessica Gallagher/Times-Georgian

Mitt Conerly Sr., who was recently recognized by the National Association of Realtors for outstanding achievements in the commercial real estate industry, was honored Wednesday by the West Metro Board of Realtors.

Conerly was called a pillar of the community and an easy choice for the West Metro Board of Realtors to name as their Realtor of the Year for his ability to bridge the relations between the industry and local government officials.

Local Realtors were vocal when the city of Carrollton put a moratorium in place last year and said there was not a housing boom in the area. Following lengthy debates, seminars, and revisits to considerations presented to the City Council, both sides came to an understanding.

“It was a no-brainer to name him as Realtor of the Year,” said Dwayne Hicks, 2017 commercial director of the West Metro Board of Realtors. “Mitt is known for his leadership and he’s taught practically everyone in the room about this industry. He was recognized nationally and that’s huge for all of us at the local level because he’s one of us. When you dig into his past, look into his resume, his work history and work product, it has been far-reaching. He’s very much a behind-the-scenes kind of person but when we had the issues we had this year, he took the lead on that when we needed him and helped us and the city to avoid some potentially troubling decisions.”

Hicks said that Conerly was asked by 2016 West Metro President Paula Watters to lead a task for the board to engage the city leaders and try and help them understand the far-reaching effects of decisions that they make pertaining to the housing industry.

“Mitt also helped to coordinate with City Council members and the mayor some ideas that we had,” Hicks said. “He was instrumental in helping put together a smart growth seminar with an NAR representative from Boston, and we all came to the table with creative ideas that the city could implement that would be mutually beneficial because of Mitt’s ability to coordinate this.”

With 40 years in real estate under his belt, Conerly said he was humbled by the recognitions and reflected on the changes he’s seen over decades in the housing market. Though based in Carrollton, Conerly has done commercial work as far away as Texas.

“We are in a profession where our success is dependent on our competition and I think it makes us unique,” he said. “I’ve seen many changes over the years in this city itself, and how it’s grown. I look at downtown, the GreenBelt and all those wonderful things and now we’ve got an industrial park and diversified industries and that all adds to the economic benefit of all of us. These awards mean a whole lot. It’s the first time I have gotten this national recognition. Well, it means a lot to me after basically a lifetime of work to be recognized. Like I said, it is important not just for me, but for everybody that’s come up and helped this industry along the way.”



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