The Carroll County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday night to provide $500,000 in SPLOST funds so that the Carroll County Development Authority can purchase real estate for economic development. The Development Authority had requested $1 million.

Tim Warren, chairman of the Development Authority, spoke about how the BOC gave the agency the first money for the development of Wal-Mart, the Temple Industrial Park and other sites.

“We invested in Villa Rica with that money and that money was earmarked for land purchases specifically,” Warren said. “It's amazing that over that period of time probably 4,000 to 5,000 jobs were created with that money and that's really our sole purpose as a development authority -- the creation of jobs. We're not in the real estate business. We're in the business of economic development to create jobs so what we're asking for is that you would fund the development authority a million dollars for future purchases of real estate with the sole purpose that the purchase of that real estate would result in the creation of jobs.”

When asked about the current real estate inventory in the county, Warren said there is very little to offer at the moment.

“Where we are in inventory is we have a desperate need for industrial space or parks,” Warren said.

He said the authority get calls from time to time asking what is in stock and what it can sell in 10 to 30 days.

“We have two parcels in Temple in the Temple Industrial Park right now,” said Warren. “Of course, we have the tech part that's being marketed and tires are being kicked on that pretty regularly lately, especially, but we've got Phase 2 and Phase 3 in Temple. So to answer your question specifically, we're down.”

Trent North, who served his last day on the Board of Commissioners by chairing the meeting, said he understands the importance of attracting developers by having available properties. He said that is very important, especially when competing against other counties and states.

“I support it because I know how important it is when you're competing with other communities and when you're competing with other states, you've got to have land ready when they're ready,” he said.

During the meeting, the BOC approved the GMASS contract for the Board of Assessors and an insurance plan to meet the firefighter "Cancer Bill' that was finalized earlier this year at the state level.

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