GMASS will continue to provide commercial/industrial appraisals for the Carroll County Board of Assessors.

On Tuesday the Carroll County Board of Commissioners approved a $205,000 contract for the services of the company for the next three years. The Board of Tax Assessors last week recommended the agreement until the county hires a qualified employee.

The county contracted with GMASS last year when the state ordered the county to conduct countywide property reassessments, which had been overlooked for years.

The Board of Commissioners also approved a motion to provide cancer insurance coverage for county firefighters as required by House Bill 146. Fire Chief Scott Blue explained the coverage and recommended going with the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

“The legislation passed this last year and we’re required to have this by Jan. 1,” Blue said.

There are two components to the bill. One is for a payout in the event of determination of cancer for a firefighter and the other is a long-term disability.

“The county already has long-term disability with Cigna and we were able to work out with them to include that there actually is a better benefit for our employees than what the bill required.”

The BOC also approved Carroll County EMS Committee’s recommendation to commit additional funding in the 2019 budget to amend the current emergency medical services agreement between the county and West Georgia Ambulance Inc. to provide a minimum of six 24-hour, seven-day per week ALS units. The total expenses for this will be $532,044. A single new ambulance will be $138,000 and medical equipment is estimated at $60,000.

Trent North, who chaired Tuesday’s meeting, his last time addressing the county as commissioner after serving 26 years, thanked Steve Adams of West Georgia Ambulance for his partnership and commitment to invest in the county. He noted that Adams is also investing in a fire station for Villa Rica. 

When it was stated that this expense would be funded from the general fund, some of the commissioners agreed that public safety is a priority even if some other things have to be reconsidered until later. 

“When someone calls 911 in unincorporated parts of Carroll County they deserve the same service as everyone else,” said North. “And so what we’re hoping is that the growth that you just announced that they continue to move so that we can ensure the citizens of Carroll County a service that they deserve.”

“I think our main goal here as commissioners is to be the benefit of public safety,” said Commissioner Michelle Morgan. “I know lots of times that is not a fun expense compared to the parks and recreation and other things we like to enjoy, but as commissioners I believe our number one charge is the citizens and the public safety of them.”


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