The Carroll County Board of Education will begin providing information to parents about possible changes in school district lines, and public meetings have been scheduled to address the situation.

The school board last month discussed the issue of some schools having a capacity student population, while other schools don’t have enough students.

The three elementary schools that are at or near capacity are Ithica Elementary, Central Elementary, and Sand Hill Elementary. Whitesburg Elementary, Sharp Creek Elementary and Roopville Elementary have fewer students.

The school district board will provide documents such as frequently asked questions, the maps of the new proposed lines and boundary line change impact data sheets.

• Feb. 15 — Publish maps and information on website

• Feb. 16 — Send letters to affected families

• Feb. 26 — Public meeting at WES

• March 1 — Public meeting at RES

• March 5 — Public meeting at SHES

• March 6 — Public Meeting at SCES

• March 12 — Ask Board to vote on proposal

• March 16 — PreK Lottery

• March 19 — Send Letter to affected families if proposal approved by BOE

• March 19 — Post final maps and information on website if proposal is approved

• March 19 to April 9 — Allow parents wishing to stay at current elementary school the option to Assistant Superintendent Terry Jones on Monday night spoke to the board about the projected number of students at each elementary school for the 2018- 2019 school year, and the percentage of capacity each school is at currently.

Central Elementary School is projected to have about 1,111 students enrolled, which would have the school reach 97 percent capacity. With the proposed district lines, about 44 students would go to Roopville Elementary and 63 would go to Whitesburg.

Ithica Elementary is projected to reach 103 percent capacity with 726 students. With the proposed border lines, 51 students could be redistricted to Sand Hill Elementary.

Sand Hill Elementary is anticipating 705 students in the fall which would leave the school at 91 percent capacity.

Sand Hill could gain 51 students from Ithica Elementary in the fall with the proposed new border lines but 33 students would be sent to Whitesburg and 76 would be redistricted to Sharp Creek Elementary.

With these possible changes, Roopville Elementary would reach 70 percent capacity, Sharp Creek 67 percent capacity and Whitesburg at 60 percent capacity.

Jones encourages the public to view the content that will be published on the school system website. Jones said there will be the option for students to stay at their current school if their parents wish. Those students will have to be taken by their parents, however.

In other business during Monday’s work session:

The new roof for Central High Schools 5015 building is expected to be done this week. The Dennis Thompson Amphitheater, behind the Performing Arts Building, project is expected to be ready by early spring.

Temple High School’s Agriculture Room and Classroom wing 5070 is being finalized to be renovated and once plans are submitted to the state, the renovation could begin as early as this summer.


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