The Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department contributed about $10 million in the local economy in 2017 and was recently praised for not only being one of the top departments in the state of Georgia but also nationally.

Carrollton City Manager Tim Grizzard said the CPRD is one of 153 departments in the nation that is nationally accredited with the National Recreation and Park Association.

Grizzard said the economic impact of the local parks and recreation department is substantial and provides direct earnings, jobs and tax revenue for the city of Carrollton. Much of that is generated by district or state athletic events hosted by the department that attract out-of-town visitors who spend money at gas stations, stores, restaurants and hotels and motels in the city.

“We are the second smallest department in the nation to ever go through the process, which says a lot about our staff and our commitment to excellence,” Grizzard said. “We continue to make a huge economic impact on our town each year with all the tournaments, meets, and special events that we host on a continuous basis.

“This past year we hosted over 40 meets, tournaments, and special events on the weekend where people from out of town were spending a minimum of one night and as many as three nights in our town, thanks to the Parks and Recreation Department. This kept hotels full, restaurants and shops getting a steady stream of customers that made an economic impact of $10 million on our community.”

According to Grizzard, $652,412.25 local sales tax was generated from these events, and tax relief per family in Carrollton was $92. He said the city continues to draw such events because of relationships that have been built over many years and because the city’s staff does a fantastic job running these events every weekend.

Grizzard thanked Mayor Walt Hollingsworth and City Council members for their contributions this year.

“They continue to perform their jobs with integrity and openness,” he said. “They all work hard to communicate with their constituents and to listen to their needs. The results are obvious. Carrollton continues to grow and its service and infrastructure continue to improve. The city’s financial health is second to none. All the while, Carrollton boasts the lowest millage rate, the lowest water and sewer rates, and the lowest sanitation rates in the area. We constantly receive compliments on the construction projects and infrastructure improvements that have been accomplished in the city.

“Our facilities and services are second to none,” he said. “We are financially sound and blessed with the very best of employees. We are business-friendly while maintaining a commitment to the environment and to our quality of life. I want to personally thank our elected officials, Mayor Walt Hollingsworth, Mayor Pro-Tem Gerald Byrd, Councilman Jim Watters, Councilman Met Lane, and Councilman Rory Wojcik. Without your leadership and vision, our achievements and successes would be impossible. I want to further thank our department heads, Chief Joel Richards, Chief Jimmy Bearden, Director Mike Green, Director Erica Studdard, Director Faith Pullen, Director Peter Maierhofer, Director Tony Richardson, City Engineer Tommy Holland, Chief Financial Officer Jim Triplett, and Deputy City Clerk Libby Duke. I especially want to thank our employees. It is an honor and privilege to work for you and with you in the operation of this beautiful city.”


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