In the two weeks since a winter storm dumped 10 inches of snow, Carroll County's Public Works, Roads and Solid Waste Department has covered 1,056 paved roads to clear debris, primarily fallen trees and limbs.

But Charles Pope, superintendent of the department, said it will likely take two months before all the clutter is cleared and trees weakened by the storm will continue to fall. 

All of that wood will be taken and stored in a pile where it will be measured by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The cubic yards will determine just how much the county may be entitled to receiving in terms of damages.

"Once all of that is done, we will be grinding it all up and making mulch that will be put on our park trails," Pope said. "So it'll be recycled and used again to help the county."

Pope submitted the preliminary assessment to Tim Padgett of the Carroll County Emergency Management Agency who will review items before sending the report to FEMA.

"Everything as far as the roads, we have started to clean up now and we're thinking it's probably going to take us at least two months to get all around the county as far as the cleanup part of the storm," said Pope. "There's just a lot of road in the county and there wasn't any road in the county that didn't have tree limbs and debris along the roadway."

With the 175 miles of unpaved roads, Pope said that crews noticed when the snow melted, it sucked a lot of dirt so as a result, so rocks had  to used to make sure the roads were passable. So far, there haven't been any blockages with the culverts.

"I think we've done pretty well, looking back on it," said Pope. "Initially, when the storm came, we had about 15 crews working on plowing the roads, putting down salt and also clearing the roads because most of our roads there was one lane completely blocked. We got all the roads open now but we still have limbs and debris on the shoulder of the road so we still ask people to be careful while traveling through the county roads."

Pope said it is important for residents to be aware that during Christmas, trash volume goes up quite significantly and they should be aware of the hours at the convenience centers.

"Being that Christmas Day is on Monday the county convenience centers will be closed," he said. "So starting on Tuesday, Dec. 26, all 10 of our convenience centers will be opened from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Saturday and then on Sunday we'll go back to normal hours."


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