Even with the approval of a 4 percent pay increase to all employees, Carroll County is in good financial shape midway through the fiscal year, according to the county’s finance director.

Leamon Stephens addressed the state of the budget Wednesday, saying that having taxes collected will be a help over the remainder of the fiscal year.

For the six-month period ending Dec. 31, 2017, the county’s general fund had reached $32,368,000 in revenue — $49,281,000 was budgeted for the entire fiscal year.

“So we have realized 65.68 percent of the budgeted general fund revenue, that compares to the prior December of $30,531,000,” Stephens said.

The general fund expenditures on Dec. 31 were $23,775,000; the Dec. 21, 2016, expenditures were $23,789,000.

“So we’re actually down a little in expenditures,” Stephens said.

On Dec. 31, the general fund cash balance was $19,468,000.

“Of course, December is the highest cash point of the year because we just received all of our tax collection so that will go down over the next six months,” Stephens said. “I feel like we are on target. I feel like with the general fund, the expenses are going to be right where they were budgeted and maybe have a $500,000 variance in revenue to positive variance.”

Stephens said the 4 percent pay increase adopted last year went to all full-time county employees. He said that was reflected in this budget and he feels the county is still on target for what was budgeted.


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