There will be some new faces on the local city councils and the Bremen Board of Education soon.

According to the unofficial results, Bremen voters overwhelmingly chose Brandon Barrow as their new Post 5 representative on the Bremen Board of Education.

Barrow received 559 votes to his challenger Richard Gillespie’s 195. Barrow will be replacing Board Chairman Daryl Sellers, who is retiring after 28 years on the board.

Barrow said he doesn’t have any big projects or plans he wants to start as the new board member. He plans to learn from the current members and keep the system moving in the direction it has been.

“I’m a graduate of the system; I love the system,” he said. “I look forward to serving.”

Sellers’ term ends on Dec. 31.

Lin Clayton won a three-candidate race to take Bremen City Councilman Terry Crawford’s seat on the council. Crawford resigned after moving out of town. Clayton garnered 308 votes, or 40.1 percent, to Jessi Rush’s 256 votes and Chris Elliott’s 202 votes.

Clayton said he was relieved that the election was finally over.

“I’m ready to get started,” Clayton said.

His first order of business is to work on filling the empty downtown buildings, Clayton said.

“It’s off to a good start,” he said. “But there’s a lot to do.”

Clayton could be sworn in immediately since the Post 4 seat is open. He believes he will be sworn in during the next Bremen City Council meeting on Monday, Clayton said.

In Tallapoosa, Raymond Ballew will replace incumbent Councilman Kendall Robinson as the Post 2 council member. Ballew received 65.38 percent of the vote. Ballew, a former police officer, said his first order of business is to “clean up all my signs and stuff like that.”

Although his term won’t officially start until Jan. 1, he plans to start attending meetings starting this month.

There were also a number of seats up for re-election that had no challengers.

Both Bremen Mayor Sharon Sewell and Tallapoosa Mayor William “Pete” Bridges won another term. Bremen City Councilman Jai Otwell and Bremen Board of Education Member Timothy Vann Pelt were both unopposed and also will be sworn in for another term.

In Tallapoosa, incumbent Councilman Dan Pope was unopposed and won another term.

In Buchanan, two seats were up for re-election. Incumbent Councilwoman Patty Hutcheson won another term and candidate Donny Boswell will take Councilman Greg Lane’s seat. Lane decided not to run again.

In Waco, Councilmen Bill Campbell and Stephen Nowlin were unopposed and will be sworn in for another term.

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