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Carroll County Fire Rescue was called back to this Bowdon home when flames were rekindled hours after the house first caught fire.

Jessica Gallagher/Times-Georgian

Firefighters had to put out flames at a Bowdon home twice Tuesday.

The house on Parson Street caught fire early Tuesday morning. Carroll County Fire Rescue snuffed out the flames, but had to return hours later when the was rekindled.

“No one was harmed,” said Carroll County Fire and Rescue Fire Chief Scott Blue. “All we know right now is that there was a house fire at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday and the fire started somewhere around the fireplace. It got into the walls behind the fireplace. Because of the way the house was built, it was actually difficult for our firefighters to get to it.”

Blue said that the cause of the fire is still under investigation and there is not much information yet.

“The fire was able to be rekindled because of the way the house was built,” Blue said. “The way the fireplace was placed with the design of the home, there were many hidden places and the fire had rekindled and we had to come put it out again.”

Blue said this time of year is considered a “fire season” when they are more prone to happen.

“Because of the weather, people will use more than one type of way to keep warm,” Blue said. “Fireplaces or heating stoves, even extra space heaters. Your power is already at max capacity so some people may overload it when bringing in different sources of heat.”

Blue said that drivers and pedestrians need to stay clear when there is a fire and an engine arrives to put it out.

“We need for people to avoid the road altogether if possible when we are putting out a fire this time of year,” he said. “When we are at work with putting a fire out, some water may reach the roads. Now when we have freezing temperatures the road becomes a sheet of ice, which can be dangerous.”


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