Five suspects have been arrested for burglary in connection to several break-ins that occurred the weekend after Thanksgiving. Both Carrollton and county law enforcement personnel investigated where multiple stores had either broken into or sustained damage.

Those arrested are from Carrollton and Whitesburg and range in age from 17 to 20.

The arrests came following further investigations this past weekend.

“Saturday early morning at about 4 in the morning we had our Deputy Tyler North conducting security checks on some of the store buildings and behind the Circle W store on Highway 16 East he noticed a black Honda nearby one of the stores and ran the tag," said Chief Deputy Brad Robinson of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. 'Then he saw a suspicious person running from the store so he gave a short chase but could not catch the individual.”

Robinson said North returned to his vehicle, noticed the Honda missing, and called for backup.

“Investigators were able to locate a residence where they requested and were accepted to have a search warrant,” Robinson said. “There were items recovered, including cash drawers, store items, burglary tools and clothing items that matched the clothes that the individuals were wearing in the surveillance videos of the stores broken into.”

Robinson said the sheriff's office was able to get a break in the case because of North’s actions.

“We have had four burglaries in the last week or so,” said Robinson. “And we have been fortunate and appreciative of the good work from the deputies and investigators for clearing up and hopefully stopping this string of burglaries. Detectives from the Carrollton city Police Department also assisted and it has cleared up some burglaries with them.”

Joseph Hardy, 18, of Carrollton; Rodrick Hudson, 20, of Carrollton; Jonni Cook, 18, of Carrollton; Victoria Hughes,17, of Whitesburg; and Christian Wadley, 18, of Whitesburg were all charged with burglary.

“The property was recovered, and we always enjoy working with other agencies to solve cases like this,” Robinson said. “It is rewarding to an officer to see the work done is successful.”

Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards said his department has been working jointly with the sheriff's office for the past few days to try and identify all the "smash-and-grab" burglaries the city and county has had.

“That cooperation has helped us be able to compare notes,” Richards said. “Because of that we have been able to have the people involved confess to some of the crimes they have committed.”


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