Recognizing that homeless men don’t have access to the amount of resources available to them as women and children, a Realtor and a homegrown rising country music singer are teaming up to bring awareness and provide supplies. 

Dwayne Hicks of Metro West CARES met with Bill Gafford in early August to come up with ideas to help the men receiving assistance from THS (The Holy Spirit) Emergency Homeless Shelter of Carrollton. One of the ideas was to have Bill’s son Brent perform with his band, which has songs in rotation on 94.9 The Bull FM and is getting interest from Nashville. 

While the Brent Gafford Band plays at the Carrollton Amp on Thursday during what is being called the iCare concert, organizers will be collecting items to donate to the shelter. They are specifically requesting men’s jeans, men’s shorts, T-shirts, men’s underwear, socks, razors, deodorant, boots, tennis shows, tents, backpacks, coats, jackets and other men’s items. 

“We want to help THS Emergency Shelter get prepared for the winter season which is the hardest on the homeless population,” said Hicks. “We as Realtors are in the process of helping people find a home so helping with the noble efforts of THS Emergency Shelter fits with our mission for sure.”

Brent Gafford graduated from Carrollton High School in 2009 and the University of West Georgia in 2012, but has never performed at the Amp. 

“Michael Harris, our bass player, is also from Carrollton and I don’t think he’s played there either,” said Brent Gafford. “I’m excited about participating because this is a good cause that’s going to be impacting a place I grew up in and call my hometown. Outside of that, it’s always been a dream of mine to play at the Amp, so I’m excited. Being from Carrollton, I hope to see a lot of familiar faces. I am looking forward to the event itself and participating with Metro West CARES in their major philanthropic event of the year where 100 percent of the proceeds will go toward the shelter.” 

Bill Gafford said he is happy to know that the band will be coming to Carrollton for such a worthy cause. He noted that the Brent Gafford Band, which covers high-energy country songs and delivers original material, has about 80 shows a year. 

“They are very talented but it is great that they will be coming to have a show which will benefit the people of Carrollton who need help,” he said. “They’ve been booked by Georgia Tech and the Atlanta Falcons and they are generating a buzz but they are still coming to raise awareness for a cause that is sometimes overlooked. Dwayne is to be commended for his efforts to serve the needy and homeless in our community. When I spoke to Dwayne, he pointed out that there is a bigger problem for males who are homeless than there is for females, for whatever reason. We’ve gotten quite a few calls since of people asking how to assist so we hope this will be a worthy event.”


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