Police have arrested four suspects they believe are Blood gang members, and they are looking for one more.

The arrests came when the victims, who police say were attempting to sell drugs, were robbed at an apartment complex near the University of West Georgia campus.

The arrests involved both Carrollton city and UWG police.

The victims, police said, met the suspects at Campus Walk and were robbed as they entered the apartment, which was vacant, but had considerable gang graffiti inside.

“We have been having a string of robberies similar to this one, same apartment complex, but no suspects,” said Carrollton police Capt. Shannon Cantrell. “One of our gang investigators came in and aggressively worked to try to identify the suspects.”

Cantrell said that most of the time these cases are difficult because gang members often target other gang members or others who are conducting illegal activities. They do such because they believe those people will not report to the police.

“Even though those victims were trying to sell drugs, they reported it and it helped us find these suspects to get them off the streets,” said Cantrell. “Thanks to the cooperation of the city and the university, the past few months we have been able to target these people with more extreme measures to try and identify to get them off the street. The goal is to get them out of here and allow those students to go to school.”

One of the gang members caught was a University of West Georgia student, as is the suspect police are still looking for.

“Although Campus Walk is not a property owned by the university, we do respond there,” said UWG police Chief Tom Saccentti. “In this case when we saw the robberies taking place, we have a full-time investigator, and we asked for them to focus on these crimes.”

Saccentti said that it was through cooperation that they were able to make arrests. He said this cooperation is part of the Protect Our Pack initiative.

Arrested were UWG student Jaylen Love, 19; Quincy Walker, 20; Kelvin Williams, 20; and 18-year-old Jeremy Minor-James. They have been charged with robbery, false imprisonment and two counts of the Georgia Gang Act.

Police say 18-year-old UWG student Cameron Dalton-Harvey has not been arrested yet. But once he is found, he too will be charged with robbery, false imprisonment and two counts of the Georgia Gang Act.



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