Qualifying for the Nov. 7 general election will begin the week of Aug. 21.

Scheduled elections include two seats on the Carrollton City Council and three posts on the Carrollton Board of Education. All five positions on the Whitesburg City Council, including mayor, will be on the Nov. 7 ballot.

In Villa Rica, three council posts are up for election, while in Temple, two council positions and the office of mayor will be open for the November vote.

Different cities have different qualifying dates for candidates who wish to seek these posts, but all begin on or after Aug. 21. The qualifying period for Villa Rica begins Aug. 21 and ends on Aug. 23. The period for the Temple posts runs from Aug. 22 to Aug. 24.

In Villa Rica, the Ward 3 seat currently held by Leslie McPherson will be open, as will the Ward 5 post held by Danny Carter and the Ward 4 seat now held by Gil McDougal.

McDougal was elected to his post on Dec. 6, to fill out the unexpired term of former Councilman Mike Williamson, who had resigned in July 2016 due to a family health crisis.

None of the incumbents have announced whether they will seek re-election to their posts.

Those who wish to qualify for the council seats must pay a fee of $72, according to information from the Carroll County Board of Elections.

In Temple, Mayor Lester Harmon’s term is expiring, along with the terms of Ward 1 Council Member Penny Ransom and Ward 2 Councilman Howard Walden.

The Ward 4 seat on the Temple council was filled during a June 20 special election, which was won by Thomas Wallace. He is filling the unexpired term of former Councilman William Simmons, who died April 11; the term is set to expire Dec. 31, 2019.

As with Villa Rica, none of the incumbents in Temple have made any formal announcement as to whether they will seek re-election.

A qualifying fee of $72 has been set for each of the Temple council seats, while a $90 fee has been set for the Office of Mayor.

In the City of Bowdon, qualifying for the council posts of Ward 1 and Ward 4 will run from Aug. 23 through Aug. 25. Jan Johnson is the incumbent for the Ward 1 seat, while Martin Johnson now holds the Ward 4 seat. The fee to qualify for the posts is $43.20.

In Carrollton, there are two council seats up for election, as well as three posts for the city school board. The qualifying period for all five seats runs from Aug. 23-25.

In the council race, the posts open are the Ward 1 council seat held by Gerald Byrd and the Ward 2 seat held by Rory Wojcik. The fee for both posts is $108.

The open school board seats are the Ward 2 post held by Katie Williams, the Ward 3 seat held by Jason Blount, and the at-large seat held by David Godwin. The qualifying fee for the school board posts is $126.

In Mt. Zion, qualifying runs from Aug. 21-23, for the Ward 3 seat now held by Marty Spruill, and he Ward 4 seat held by John Griffin. The fee to qualify for those races is $54.

In Whitesburg, all four council seats along with the office of mayor are set to expire this year. Qualifying for those posts runs between Aug.23 and Aug. 25. The fee to qualify for the mayor’s job is set at $108, while the fee for each of the council seats is $36.

Ronnie Pate is the incumbent mayor of Whitesburg. Amy Williford currently holds the Ward 1 seat; the Ward 2 post is held by William Smolar; the Ward 3 seat is held by Lucy Gamble; and Mike Sprayberry is the incumbent for the Ward 4 seat.

The last day for voters to register for the Nov. 7 election will be Oct. 10.

Should any candidate not win their races by a 50-percent-plus-one majority, a runoff vote will be held Dec. 5.


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