Seeing people go from homeless to homeownership in an area that continues to see a need for low-cost housing has been one of the highlights of Jodie Goodman’s career with the Carrollton Housing Authority.

Friday will be Goodman’s last day with the agency she first encountered 20 years ago while volunteering during her college days. Over time, she worked in various capacities which lead to her final role as social services manager.

“I started at the Housing Authority as a freshman in college in 1998 and start working here part time like 10 hours a week and with the after-school program throughout my whole time in college,” Goodman said. “Then in 2002, I started working full time and just working in various capacities over time. It has been an adventure. I’m not sure it where I will be headed yet but I am excited about starting a new chapter and spending a little bit more time with my kids and I definitely know that I will be in the service because this is my calling. I love this community and everything it represents so I definitely want to stay here but I don’t know what capacity that will be in yet.”

Goodman said that, over the years, she has observed housing needs grow.

“I think the demand for low-income housing and assistance for families has definitely grown but I am so blessed to be able to work with so many different community partners,” she said. “That has truly changed my life and I am truly blessed and humbled.”

Goodman said the community home investment program was certainly a project that she was honored to be a part of. She said she is proud of the many clients who have come through the doors over the years who are now in a better situation than they were in when they initially sought help.

With the community being so small, Goodman has remained in contact with them over the years and maintained friendships.

“Working with our homeless population over the years, helping them navigate to temporary housing programs and then moving into public housing, then moving into more permanent housing situations and having kind of a stability has been amazing,” she said. “We have several families that I can think of travel down that path from homelessness to being in stable housing and that’s amazing.”


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