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The gazebo built for the Alzheimer’s Memory Garden at Worthy Park bears the message “Promising Never To Forget Those Who  Can No Longer Remember.”

Jessica Gallagher/Times-Georgian

A gazebo was built two years ago by the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department for the Alzheimer’s Memory Garden in Worthy Park in recognition of those with the disease. Once the gazebo was built at the corner of Dixie Street and West Avenue in Carrollton, the Alzheimer’s Group of Carroll County wanted to sell bricks to honor those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

“For 20 years I have served the community to educate them about Alzheimer’s and the services we have in Carroll County,” said Danielle Jenkins, the manager of the CPRD Senior Adult Center. “These bricks not only pay tribute to loved ones who have or had Alzheimer’s but it could be for anyone who supports the fight against Alzheimer’s.”

Jenkins is pushing to sell the bricks because the money raised goes toward education support, respite care and the victims themselves.

“Many people are affected by Alzheimer’s and we have people in our community who suffer from this,” said Jenkins. “Not only do the individuals who have Alzheimer’s live with this disease, but also their family members and caregivers. That’s why we want to let people know about the services.”

The Alzheimer’s Group has a “resource day” twice a year, an Alzheimer’s caregiver day and an annual benefit dinner. The group creates multiple events over the year to help raise awareness and support the victims with Alzheimer’s.

“We sell 10 bricks at a time to place an order,” Jenkins said. “Right now we have six so we need four more to complete the order. This would be a great opportunity, though, to let people know that anyone could buy a brick. You don’t have to know someone who has Alzheimer’s, but you can simply support the fight against Alzheimer’s. Every little bit helps.”

When a brick is purchased, a special message or name goes on the brick. The bricks are placed next to the walkway that leads up to the gazebo.

“The community needs to know about the resources available to them because there is help out there and no one should have to go through this alone,” Jenkins said. “I wish there was information that we have now when my great-aunt lived with us. It is awareness that we are trying to get out there.”

The Alzheimer’s Group of Carroll County will host an expert on Alzheimer’s next August to help educate the community. Teepa Snow is a dementia-care education specialist with a background in occupational therapy. She will be at Midway Church to speak to the community about how they can have a greater awareness of dementia.

“These bricks not only go to help with Alzheimer’s for education support and respite care but they are also a lasting memory,” Jenkins  said. “It is not too late to buy a $100 brick and with the holidays, buying a brick for the park would make a wonderful Christmas present to honor someone or just as a simple donation to help the victims of Alzheimer’s.”

For those who wish to purchase a brick, one can be ordered online at or for information call Jenkins at 770-832-0189.


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