The Haralson County Board of Education is preparing to roll back its millage rate for the second year in a row.

Superintendent Jerry Bell told the board members at their meeting on Tuesday that the school system received the final tax digest — the taxable value of all properties in the county — last week. Because tax assessments increased for some county properties, the digest increased, he said. If the millage rate remained the same, the school system’s revenue would increase, Bell said. He recommended the board members lower the millage rate by .134 mills to keep the system’s property tax proceeds the same as last fiscal year.

“We felt like that if we went with the rollback rate of 16.589 we would still meet our revenues that we projected for our budget and our budget would be fine for the FY 18 school year,” Bell said.

A rollback in the millage rate along with a five-year history has to be advertised at least seven days before board members can vote on it, said Jenny Greba, chief financial officer for the school system.

Board members authorized Bell to advertise a roll back from 16.723 mills to 16.589 mills.

This is the second year that reassessments increased the tax digest. In fiscal year 2017, the school system rolled back the millage rate from 16.83 to 16.723, to remain revenue neutral, Greba said.

The board members will officially set the millage rate at a special meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 29, at 6 p.m.

In other business the board members:

• Declared some outdated Spanish text books as surplus so that they could be disposed of by the staff.

• Approved some policies including those involving student safety, student privacy and suicide prevention.

• Approved an overnight field trip for 11th and 12th grade students to attend Skills USA 2RE in October.

• Went into a closed session to discuss land acquisition and some personnel issues. After the executive session members approved a number of personnel recommendations without stating what those recommendations were.

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