An attempt at mediation was unsuccessful, and a warrant hearing has been set for a complaint filed by one Haralson County commissioner against another commissioner, according to magistrate court officials.

“Both sides are too far apart,” said Commissioner David Tarpley, who filed a complaint alleging that Commissioner Sammy Robinson assaulted him. “The only avenue left was for it to be heard in a warrant hearing.”

Deputy Clerk Kim Murdock said a warrant hearing was scheduled for Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at the Haralson County Courthouse. Polk County Chief Magistrate Judge Billie Jean Crane will preside.

The hearing will decide if there is enough evidence to press charges against Robinson for allegedly hitting Tarpley during an argument a week ago. Tarpley filed the complaint with the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 3 shortly after the incident, according to the incident report.

The altercation began in the hallway of the County Commissioner’s office with an argument between Commission Chairman Allen Poole and Tarpley shortly after a Commission meeting. Robinson, whose name was mentioned in the argument, joined in, and the three went back into the meeting room along with County Marshal John Enrekin and closed the doors.

According to the complaint, Tarpley said the argument escalated and Robinson struck him. Robinson disputed Tarpley’s account. He said Tarpley became angry during the argument and grabbed his shirt, but no one threw any punches. Entrekin broke up the argument after Tarpley grabbed his shirt, Robinson said.

The two met with the judge on Tuesday morning — first separately and then together, Robinson said. 

“It was cordial,” he said. “Nothing come of it but it’s moving to the next level.”

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