Thirty new homes had been either been built of were under construction in Carrollton through the first 10 months of this year, according to a city official.

Homebuilding accounted for an estimated value of $11,099,065 — $369,968 per home, according to City Manager Tim Grizzard.

In reviewing the engineering department, Grizzard said that the previous record year for homebuilding in the city was more than 10 years ago.

“The previous record year was in 2005 with an average home price of just over $79,000,” he said. “Total construction estimated value in the city of Carrollton since Jan. 1, 2017, is $33,700,163.”

Grizzard said the city’s engineering department has had the responsibility for millions of dollars in construction this year.

“You will notice roadway improvements, pipeline projects, traffic signal enhancements, and building construction all over town,” Grizzard said. “In addition, all privately funded construction projects within the city of Carrollton are reviewed, inspected, and approved by the engineering department.”

Grizzard said this is one of the busiest times of year for the Street and Sanitation Department.

“With the drier weather, the leaves are falling and continue to fall which will result in some intensive overtime for an already busy department,” he said. “The city asks for your patience with our crews and particularly the street sweepers. It seems like as soon as one street is cleaned, it needs it once again during this time of the year. … These employees perform back-breaking, dangerous work. Regardless of weather, whether rain, heat, cold, or snow, they show up every day and give 100 percent. If you happen to see a public works employee working today, please slow down, smile, and wave — their work often goes unnoticed and under-appreciated.”

Four years ago, the city changed to a bi-weekly schedule for roadside debris pickup. Grizzard said this has been a more efficient schedule for the department and has enhanced communication with the public. City crews remove nearly 3,000 tons of debris from the streets of Carrollton each year. He said that most of this work is done by hand and “is very labor intense, considering there is on average 37 miles of streets swept in town every week.”

Grizzard said the street department has been cutting and cleaning the road rights of way since the beginning of March. So far, there have been 150 miles cut and cleaned.

“Our recycling program collects an average of 70 tons per month,” he said. “Larger containers are available to those citizens who want to recycle more. The charge is a nominal $25. The high level of participation in this program means less impact on our landfills and more material recycled. The Sanitation Department collects over 450 tons of household garbage every month. This is down from previous years, mainly due to the success of the recycling program. City crews also collect over 1,700 tons of commercial garbage each month.”

Grizzard said Carrollton has had at least 54 inches of rain this year.

“With that comes more leaves and more debris, more storm drain issues, and more mosquitos,” he said. “The city sprays for mosquitos from April until around the end of October. This spraying helps in controlling these pests, but will not totally get rid of them.”

With regards to the water and wastewater departments, Grizzard said they have continued to demonstrate a commitment to excellence as evidenced by consistently earning awards and recognition from professional organizations.

Among the highlights for the year was the water treatment department earning yet another the Gold Award for Perfect Operations during the 2016 calendar year from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals. In competition with other drinking water systems within the state, the city’s water treatment department was also named as “Best Tasting Drinking Water in Georgia” by the Georgia Section of the American Water Works Association.

“Although other water providers in our state suffered emergency supply issues during the drought last fall the city of Carrollton executed a reservoir management plan that ensured several months of source water would be available should the drought have persisted through the spring season as predicted,” said Grizzard.

The wastewater department earned accolades for excellent and efficient operations in 2017, including the Platinum Award for 10 years of perfect operations and the Distinguished Merit Award for excellence in laboratory quality assurance from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.

That department has continued the partnership with the Georgia Water and Wastewater Institute by providing training to most of the licensed water and wastewater professionals throughout the state.

“Work has begun at the plant headworks which when completed will not only be more efficient and require less energy for operation, but it will also provide additional relevant training for students attending the Institute,” Grizzard said.

The facilities maintenance department has completed several major projects in the last year while maintaining daily preventive maintenance activities for each facility and performing necessary repairs.

“The West Central Tech and the Brock Street lift stations have been completely renovated,” he said. “The northside pump station has been installed and placed into operation. Generators were installed at the water filter plant, Buffalo Creek lift station, Little Tallapoosa lift station, and a portable generator was also acquired for emergency mobilization. These generators were funded through a FEMA hazard mitigation grant totaling $787,657.18.”

The city of Carrollton recently received a grant of $10,000 from the Georgia Municipal Association Safety Grant Program for the purchase of trench shoring equipment for the Public Works Department. This grant recognizes a member municipality for properly executing an effective safety training, and loss prevention program.



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