Navy veteran and Assistant District Attorney Jeff Hunt said Tuesday he is applying to be appointed interim district attorney.

He joins Carrollton attorney and city Councilman Met Lane on the list of candidates from Carroll County. Hunt is currently manager of the district attorney’s Carrollton office of the Coweta Judicial Circuit. He has spent 26 years in the department.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal will appoint someone to fill the unexpired term of Pete Skandalakis, who announced this fall he was resigning as district attorney. The governor’s office last week invited bar members in the Coweta circuit to submit applications. The deadline to submit is Friday.

The district attorney is an elected state officer whose duty is to prosecute persons accused of any felony crime committed in the five counties of the Coweta Judicial Circuit. The Coweta Judicial Circuit is comprised of Carroll, Coweta, Heard, Meriwether, and Troup counties. Along with a team of 19 attorneys, the district attorney is committed to quickly and aggressively prosecute criminal activity.

Skandalakis is leaving the office to become the executive director of the Prosecuting Attorneys Council of Georgia. He has been the district attorney of the Coweta Judicial Circuit of Georgia since 1991. He was an assistant district attorney from 1984 to 1987 and became the chief assistant district attorney in 1987.

Skandalakis began his seventh term on Jan. 1, 2017, and will leave about 27 months remaining on his term. There will be an interim DA who will serve until a candidate is voted into the office during a special called election in the general election.

“I’ve been an assistant district attorney for about 26 years and I’ve tried every type of case in every county in the circuit,” Hunt said.

Originally from Fulton County, Hunt went into the Navy after graduating from Georgia Tech. Upon returning home, he got his law degree from Georgia State University but went back to active duty soon after that.

“When I got back to the U.S. and started looking for work, I was hired by Pete Skandalakis in February of 1992,” Hunt said. “I briefly went to the Georgia Department of Corrections for a few months and then I came back to the DA office shortly after that. I was originally in the Carrollton office and then later Heard County and then Troup County, then back to the Carroll. I’ve tried cases in all the counties in the circuit.”

Hunt applied for judgeship about six years ago, and his wife, Beth (nee Doxey) have three children who are all students at the University of West Georgia.

“I know what I’m doing and I think I’m highly qualified for the job,” said Hunt. “I’ve committed myself to public service in my whole life and I feel I am a great candidate who will do the job because I know how to do it.”



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