Keep Carroll Beautiful and Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley won awards Thursday at the 39th Annual Keep Georgia Beautiful Awards Luncheon. 

Keep Georgia Beautiful honors individuals and organizations who commit to work and better the environment of Georgia. Awards are given for outstanding efforts in the areas of Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction & Recycling, Community Beautification and Overall Community Improvement.

Individuals who are public works officials, law enforcement officers, elected officials, students, volunteers or executive directors can also be awarded.

Keep Carroll Beautiful won in Waste Management and Recycling, and Langley won the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award.

“Keep Carroll Beautiful won statewide and then they had nominated me and lo and behold I won,” Langley said. “I was quite surprised and honored. Keep Carroll Beautiful does an unbelievable good job on such a low budget they were very worthy of being recognized statewide.”

Langley said that it has been rewarding working with alongside KCB and its director, Lindsey Pfau, because littering has been a problem since he took office 17 years ago.

“Ever since then we have been working to help Keep Carroll Beautiful and I have worked a number of years with the previous directors of Keep Carroll Beautiful, and Lindsey has been great,” Langley said. “We began helping beautify Carroll County by cleaning roads with our work details. Now we have expanded with educational programs and our Litterbug Hotline. We are also sponsors for many of the events that Keep Carroll Beautiful has.”

Langley said that keeping the community clean is important, even though other may not realize it, but because a clean community brings a quality of life.

“A clean community can have an impact on attracting new businesses and a visitor’s first impressions as well,” Langley said. “My biggest fear is the funding to dry up. They have to raise a lot of money to keep up all the work that they have done for us.”

Langley said he accepted the award on behalf of officers with the work from education to enforcing litter pick up they all do.

“I just happened to be the one to receive this award but it was truly a team effort,” said Langley.

“We were proud to announce him as the Keep Georgia Beautiful Law Enforcement Officer of the Year,” Pfau said. “No one is more deserving of this great honor.”


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