Main Street Carrollton cited a forecast of rain and safety concerns as the reasons it decided to postpone the Holiday Wishes Christmas Parade and Lighting of the Square that had been scheduled for Thursday night.

With a 90 percent chance of rain predicted for Thursday night, the Main Street board decided to reschedule the events for Monday. The decision drew mixed result.

“We merchants have planned around this event and we have personally spent a lot of time and money promoting and buying food specifically for this event,” Adamson Square jewelry store owner Chuck Willis Jr. wrote on Carrollton Main Street’s Facebook page. “Less than 24 hours notice? Really?”

Main Street Director Aundi Lesley on Thursday said she had gotten feedback from several individuals who were pleased with being informed and the precautions taken, considering the event is geared toward children.

Mark Sullivan, vice president of the Main Street Board of Directors ,took to social media to explain the decision.

“I just want to tell everybody thank you for your support and understanding,” he said. “This was not an easy decision by any means, however, faced with the weather forecast we had last night we felt we had no choice. At the time the decision was made, multiple weather outlets were reporting a 90 percent chance of rain. Although we know weather changes, that is really the only factual information we had to go with. Being that so many parts of the event could not be held in the rain, such as pictures with Santa, the train ride, and fire pit, we chose to move it to Monday which is only showing at 10 percent chance of rain.”

He said the board had to take into consideration the safety and health of the spectators.

“The people who contacted me were very understanding and thought it was a good safety measure for everyone, especially the young children, since most of our items would be out in open air,” Lesley said. “They thought it was a proactive rather than a reactive approach.”

Lesley said there were some people who suggested moving the events to a Saturday. She said the board was originally looking at that idea but a Saturday event would have been competing with several other events, including holiday events in Villa Rica and the SEC championship football game.

The parade will take place on Monday, Dec. 4 at 5:30 p.m., beginning at the Train Depot on Bradley Street. It will end at the Neva Lomason Memorial Library on Rome Street. Immediately following the parade will be photos with Santa, entertainment at the Amp and activities on Adamson Square.


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