A Lowe's store employee was threatened with a knife by a man after escorting the suspect outside, police said.

The employee told police the man had been asked many times not to return to the Carrollton store because he was suspected of shoplifting.

The employee said the suspect, 23-year-old Cori Duke, lives in a wooded area behind Lowe's, and comes to the store often. The officers said they were familiar with Duke based on prior shopliftings.

After escorting Duke outside the store, the employee "sparked up" a conversation with Duke, according to police. The employee told police that he did not believe Duke stole from the store that

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day and that he just wanted to talk to him. The employee told police that he had asked Duke how he was getting by living in the woods and if he was seeking help. Duke, according to the employee, spoke for several minutes in a calm manner but got agitated at the end of the conversation, according to the police report.

Duke pulled a knife from a sheath on his waistline, according to the police report, allegedly lunged at the employee and attempted to stab him with the knife. Duke then ran into the woods.

The two witnesses confirmed that Duke had pulled the knife and attempted to stab the employee, according to police. One witness said Duke was not making much sense with his statements and clearly became agitated with the employee.

Police then searched for and found Duke. When he was apprehended three knives were recovered from his waistband, along with a glass ingestion device used to smoke illegal narcotics.

Duke was charged with aggravated assault, obstruction, possession of drug-related objects, possession of a knife during the commission of certain crimes.

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