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Some motorists say they have avoided the intersection of Maple and Alabama just off Adamson Square, and police believe people are driving more slowly when they do pass through.

Jessica Gallagher/Times-Georgian

Weather has delayed the work on the reconstruction of the intersection at Maple and Alabama streets off Adamson Square in Carrollton.

“Machinery is sitting there ready to go,” said Carrollton City Manager Tim Grizzard. “We just need five dry days over 50 degrees.”

The work started in October, an effort to smooth traffic flow through the square, Grizzard said.

The city has done three traffic studies in the last 12 or so years and each time that intersection was identified as the worst functioning in the city, he said. So, the city planned a redesign, doing away with left turns and a traffic light at that intersection. It also made Presbyterian Avenue a one-way street for most of its length.

“Presbyterian was too narrow to be two-way,” he said. “And the parking on Presbyterian was extremely messy and unsafe.”

The city accepted a $572,000 bid for the work, Grizzard said, but the construction was expanded to include some unexpected utility work underneath the road, bringing the total cost up to $625,000. The plan had been to finish construction in late November or early December but the weather has not been cooperative — rain, snow and cold have temporarily halted progress, he said. Meanwhile drivers have had to deal with a rough and confusing ride through the construction site.

“Right now it seems like traffic is worse than when it had the traffic light there,” said Chris Robinson, a Carrollton resident who works on the square. “It’s taken way too long..”

Daniel Back said he avoids the intersection.

“I just looked at it and knew it would be a problem,” he said.

The construction has not led to accidents, though, according to police. The last reported collision at the intersection was in September, said Chad Crish, an accident investigator with the Carrollton Police Department.

“It may have something to do with the condition of the roadway,” Crish said. “People don’t seem to go through there very fast.”

Some residents see the construction as an inconvenience, causing them to change their habits when visiting the square.

“It’s annoying. I can’t park where I always parked,” said Abbie McWhorter of Carrollton. “You just have to go around and make do.”

Drew Shick, a University of West Georgia student from Waco, said traffic at the intersection was pretty bad before construction started. 

“It’s slowed it down a bit,” he said. “It’s not too terribly awful.”


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