Member of the Carrollton Board of Education discussed the start of the school year during its work session Monday night, and received updates about the progress of construction projects on campus.

Joe McGinnis of RA-LIN and Associates said the new media center is nearing completion and that the contractor hopes to clear out the old media center, possibly as soon as this week. The media center is phase two of the construction.

“With phase three being the new cafeteria and classroom wing, right after the teachers left for the summer, we got started immediately on the embankment of the asbestos that was there and that took a few days,” McGinnis said.

He said the construction crew will be able to start work today on the parking lot that will sit on the northwest side.

Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus asked that RA-LIN pay attention to cleaning up the new building as much as possible to have the teachers ready to move in.

“We will go into executive session to talk about the lawsuit but I wanted to thank you for moving that barrier for the parking lot along and so, weather permitting, you to keep that emphasis.”

Carrollton resident Cathy Crosson filed a complaint against the school system last year because the tree buffer that stood next to her house adjacent to the campus was taken down in order to allow underground work for the construction of the new high school building. She claimed the ongoing noise from the construction, in addition to some school events, had lowered the quality of life for her and other residents of the area.

McGinnis said the trees are ready to be placed once RA-LIN receives word that it can plant the trees. Albertus said he appreciates RA-LIN trying to be good neighbors and leaving as many trees as possible.

Laurie Fleck, the Carrollton City Schools executive director of Marketing and Community Engagement, briefed the board on updates regarding the Carrollton City Schools Education Foundation.

“We had a really great year and made significant strides in the foundation with some partnerships but mainly the partnership we went into with the Community Foundation of West Georgia,” she said. “We entered that around January where they have become our fund manager and that was a great decision made.”

The Foundation this year has awarded $25,997.26 in scholarships and $19,180.55 in grants.

“Many of these payments have paid for community-based instruction programs for our special needs students,” Fleck said.

Some of the other programs the Foundation has helped with include the Reach Scholar Program, the Buffalo Creek Stream restoration project, Trojan Heroes awards night and the Capital Campaign.

"The high school has established a hybrid online course and our goal in doing this is to prepare students for the trend that is happening at colleges and universities," Fleck said. "Students will have the option to be at home or school and use the chatroom setting to conduct assignments online given by the teacher."

“This is how things are going and this is the way universities and colleges are going,” Albertus said. “We are trying to prepare our students for the type of learning that they will experience in the future.”

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