The Pita Pit restaurant just off Adamson Square in Carrollton plans to reward students in Carroll County with free food for perfect attendance. Elementary and middle school students in Carroll County Schools and Carrollton City Schools will receive a free pita if they do not miss school for an entire month.

“This program is something similar that Chick-fil-A has done in the past,” said Pita Pit owner John Crossley. “We will be doing a perfect attendance sponsorship for every lower level school in the county. About 24 schools in the county, elementary and middle with private academies included, will get a free pita card for a free kids pita each month they have perfect attendance.”

Crossley said that rewarding students who want to go to school is something his restaurant wants to support.

“I am working with Carroll County Schools and Carrollton City Schools to start getting some numbers on how many staff and students are at the schools. We are also planning to give a free pita to each staff at the schools as well, as kind of a thank you to our hard-working teachers and staff.”

Crossley said that each school will have its own custom card printed just for its students.

He said the restaurant is taking a baby step, though a big baby step, by initially having the program for the elementary and middle schools only. But he hopes to create something different for high school students either next spring or next fall.

“We have anticipated that about 30,000 pitas will be given out if just 50 percent of students have perfect attendance each month during the fall semester,” said Crossley. “We are waiting to see how this program works out, then unroll a high school program next year.”

Crossley considers himself as one of the community because he was born at Tanner Medical Center and graduated from the University of West Georgia in 2015.

“I grew up one county north of here but it was my idea to open this place here,” said Crossley. “It feels good to give back to the community because it has been my community since the day I was born.”


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