A number of burglaries over the weekend are indicative of the rise in crime associated with the holiday season. Five commercial locations, both in Carrollton and around the county, were either broken into or sustained damage.

“I guess you could say this is the time of year that we see an increase in burglaries around the holidays at business and homes,” said Carrollton Police Department Capt. Shannon Cantrell. “We will be working to try to identify the subjects responsible but if anyone sees anything suspicious around a closed business at anytime please call 911.”

Carrollton police responded to La Unica on 1066C Alabama St. early Sunday in reference to an alarm. When police arrived, they noticed that glass had been broken out of the front door. Backup officers arrived but found no one in the building. The store manager arrived and said that a  little less than $500 was taken from the cash register.

A surveillance camera recorded a video of the incident. The video showed what appeared to be two slim-built males wearing hoodies, sweatpants, masks and gloves. The property manager of the store assessed the damage and asked for prosecution.

Police were called to 302A North Park St. in Carrollton by another officer who said that the front door to El Trebol Tienda Y Carniceria was broken out at about 4:57 a.m. on Sunday.

Police cleared the building however no suspects were found.

The business appeared to be under renovation so police were not able to identify whether anything had been tampered with or stolen. Officers spoke with a witness, who said that he was doing overnight construction work in the same strip mall. He told police that he did not hear the door break but did see a car pull into the parking lot about an hour prior to the call.

The witness could not see the occupants but advised they pulled out of the parking lot traveling southbound on North Park Street.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office reported that it also investigated two burglary cases.

Deputies were called to 3885 Lovvorn Road on Sunday at 4:35 a.m. in reference to an alarm activated by interior motion. Deputies reported forced entry to the front door window. The front door also had a picnic table leaning against it, indicating how entry into the store was made, with apple crates used to exit the store.

Deputies viewed the surveillance video and saw three white males. Two entered the store and the other stayed outside. One of the men who entered the store was dressed in all-black clothing with a red hat on and took a cash register containing $150. The other male, who took lighters and cigars, wore black clothing, including camouflage pants and a mask.

The two males left the store  at approximately 4:33 a.m. and all three ran to the right side of the store back toward the road. Seconds later, deputies saw on the video a dark-colored, older model car with square tail lights leaving the area.

Deputies found paper from the cash register scattered throughout the parking lot and what looked to appear to be a fresh piece of gum outside the store.

Later Sunday morning at 5:33, deputies responded to 2460 S. Highway 16, Newnan Road Shoppette, in reference to an alarm. They found the front door of the business broken out but no suspects.

Deputies found four packs of Marlboro Lights cigarettes lying in the middle of the floor and just outside the front door. Behind the counter, several cigars had been knocked to the floor and the cash register computer was hanging from its cord.

Deputies viewed the store’s video system and saw three males approaching the side of the store from Old Newnan Road. The males crossed in front of the store with two of the males approaching the front door, then hitting it with a shiny object.

The two males were able to fit through the “burglar bars” on the front door and enter the store. They then jumped the counter.

Deputies said that it can be seen on video that the two suspects took cigarettes, cigars, a basket under the counter by the cash register that contained $600, and the cash drawer containing $200.

The suspects fled the scene at 5:27 a.m.

Two of the suspects were dressed in all black with clothing over their faces. The third suspect was wearing a black jacket, camouflage pants, a green bandana covering his head and a black bandana covering his face.

Deputies noticed in the video that the suspects failed to wear gloves and touched the area of the counter. Deputies were able to locate a fingerprint with some ridge detail and another print that did not show detail. Both fingerprint cards were turned over for investigation.

Deputies were conducting a security check on Monday at 2:15 a.m. at the Bowdon Road Shoppette at 3611 West Highway 166 when they noticed the store front door window has been smashed. There was no sign of entry.

Deputies were able to view surveillance videos and saw three males wearing masks over their faces. One male suspect was seen to be wearing camo pants and a black hoodie. The second male suspect was wearing black jogging pants with white strips on the side and a black hoodie. The third suspect was wearing dark-colored pants with a black hoodie. All of the suspects were wearing gloves.

The suspect wearing camo pants attempted to enter the building with a hammer. After he tried several times, the suspects fled to the right side of the building and were then picked up in a white older Ford Crown Vic model. A lookout has been given to all surrounding agencies in reference to the suspects involved in the criminal damage case.

Law enforcement officers are asking if anyone sees anything suspicious to report it.


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