Carrollton city police have an active arrest warrant for 24-year-old Nicholas Schley for aggravated assault, who they believe shot at another vehicle.

Jay Caffee said an aggressive driver fired a gunshot at his car, leaving a hole in his driver’s side panel, just to the rear of the gas tank.

Caffee told police he was driving east on South Street and was approaching the intersection with Maple Street when a white Mercedes Benz pulled out in front of him. The Mercedes then turned right off of Maple Street onto South Street.

Caffee said he “blew his horn” at the driver of the Mercedes and gave a gesture. He said he was directly behind the Mercedes when the two pulled up to the four-way stop at Matthews Avenue and South Street.

The driver of the Mercedes was “making hand gestures” in the mirror toward him. Caffee said he gave another gesture. The Mercedes then drove through the stop sign before stopping and getting out of the vehicle.

Caffee described the driver as a male, roughly 6-feet-2, stocky build, and had a semi-automatic style pistol in his right hand, down by his side. The victim was not clear on the type of clothing the suspect had on, but believes he was wearing jeans, a white shirt, gold chains, short hair and was clean shaven.

Caffee told police the suspect shouted “what’s your problem?” and explicit words, before getting back into his vehicle. The victim then called 911 and began to follow the Mercedes. The suspect then turned right onto Burson Avenue from South Street.

When the suspect reached Broad Street, they then made a U-turn. The victim then began to drive past the suspect, when he heard what he believed to be a gunshot. The Mercedes then left toward Maple Street.

According to police, Schley has a Lithonia address but also stays at the Reserve Apartments on Lovvorn Road in building No. 9. Police are asking anyone with information on his location to call Crime Stoppers at 404-546-2644.


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