One man has been arrested and another is being sought two weeks after assaulting two people inside their Carrollton home on Dec. 6 and robbing them, police said.

Joshua Holland, 22, of Villa Rica was arrested on Monday, and faces several charges, including home invasion, kidnapping and false imprisonment. The second suspect had not been found.

“We don’t know where the other male is at this moment but we are working on it,” said Capt. Shannon Cantrell of the Carrollton Police Department. “We have a hunch of who it could be but we don’t know for sure.”

The two victims, a 28-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man, were inside the Peachtree Street home the night of Oct. 6 wrapping Christmas presents when the male answered a knock on the side door of the house. The male told police he opened the door and was punched in the face by who he described as a large man. When he was knocked to the floor, the two assailants entered the home and took the victims’ cellphones, and the larger of the two assailants put him in a chokehold. Both of the assailants then asked the victims to give them money and anything valuable.

The woman told police that before the two men grabbed the cellphones, she attempted to call 911 but the smaller of the two assailants took her phone, then tried to restrain her by grabbing her arms. She said she was able to dig her fingernails into the small male’s neck, as she was trying to get away. She said that when the two men asked for money and valuables, she picked up a flashlight and struck one of the men in the head with it but was grabbed and dragged from room to room.

The male victim said he saw both suspects shove loose change and other unknown items into their pants pockets. The woman told police she was able to rip the smaller male’s jacket because she was trying to get her cellphone back.

The larger of the two assailants took the male victim to the bathroom, and shut the door and told him to not come out until he counted to 60. The woman said that before the two assailants left, they took the Xbox One and a laptop. She was handed both cellphones back by the smaller suspect, and the two assailants left running down Peachtree Street. They had been in the house for about 15 minutes.

The male victim came out of the bathroom and was able to call 911 as the female ran outside to chase the two suspects. She told police that she saw the two men run down Peachtree, then down Sims Street toward Stewart Street. She told police that she lost sight of the two suspects as they reached Stewart Street.

The male victim gave police the information he had on both the stolen Xbox and his HP Bose edition laptop. Police then spoke to the neighbor on Peachtree Street, who said he left at around 8:30 p.m. to go to the store and that as he was leaving he saw two males wearing all black clothing walking down the street.

The neighbor told police he had never seen the two males in the area before but when he returned home at around 8:45 p.m. he saw the two men standing in the street. He said he flashed his car lights at the men and they walked off the road.

The neighbor later heard loud screaming coming from his neighbors’ house but thought it was just a dispute. He stepped outside to smoke and saw both of the suspects walking toward Sims Street, then saw the female victim running down the street after them.

The victims told police that both of the males were wearing all-dark clothing. Police checked the area of Cedar Street all the way to Perry Street but did not make contact with the suspects.

Holland was arrested on Monday.

Cantrell said police have an idea of who the other suspect could be, but is asking anyone with information on the man, described as a black male who is about 5 feet 7 and 150 pounds, to contact police.

“The man arrested is the taller of the two males that both of the victims talked about,” said Cantrell. 

Holland is currently booked in the Carroll County Jail with no set bond. He is charged with home invasion in the first degree, kidnapping, obstruction or hindering persons to make an emergency telephone call, false imprisonment and aggravated assault Monday after he and his accomplice, who has not been arrested yet, robbed a home in Carrollton.



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