A Carrollton man was arrested Thursday after fighting with security officers at Tanner Medical Center.

Jeffery Windom, 46, faces several charges, including aggravated assault and terroristic threats, after fighting with Tanner security personnel.  

Carrollton police were called to Tanner in reference to a fight and found Tanner security officers on the second floor holding a man, identified as Windom, at taser point. Police took Windom into custody.

According to police, a patient at Tanner requested that her father, Windom, not be allowed to see her while she was in the hospital.

A nurse on Thursday called security and advised that Windom was standing outside Labor and Delivery. Tanner security approached Windom and advised him to leave. 

Tanner reported that Windom pushed one of the Tanner security officers and they fought in the elevator. According to Carrollton police, when Windom punched one of the officers, another security officer drew her taser on Windom, but the officer stated that it seemed to have no effect.

The security officer who fired the taser stated that she fired one cartridge and deployed a five-second cycle of the taser. Windom then punched the officer who had the taser in the eye. Windom then put the security officer in a “choke hold,” which the officer said kept her from breathing.

The officer in the chokehold was able to get her chin between Windom’s arm and break free. She backed up and held Windom at taser point until police arrived.

Tanner security reported to police that they smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from Windom. An officer told police that Windom was yelling racial slurs and cursing during his entire altercation with security.

One of the security officers sustained lacerations to his head and face.

When Carrollton police escorted Windom to the patrol vehicle, he threatened to beat the officer, according to the police report.

Windom was taken to the Carroll County Jail and was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, battery, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. 


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