City Attorney Chuck Conerly said Carrollton officials have spoken with several companies in the industrial park as they seek to make amendments to the noise ordinance.

Greg Niedzwiecki, assistant general manager for Decostar Industries, told the City Council during a called meeting on Friday that the company has concerns about the proposals.

He said Decostar has been operating for 14 years in the same manner, and while he acknowledges there is a residential neighborhood behind the company’s facility off Tacoma Drive, he said a noise ordinance change that requires a limit of 70 neighborhood could result in significant costs to the company.

Niedzwiecki said the company has compressors in the back of the plant that can be heard when they release several times an hour. Other noises come from rack movements, trucks, water blasting, a compactor that operates 24 hours, and a grinding operation.

“These are all things that create noise in the back of our plant and have so since we’ve existed for 14 years,” Niedzwiecki said.

He said that the company employs more than 800 people wants to remain a good community neighbor. However, it will be costly if the proposed amendments are passed as is, particularly the portion saying there will be fines and contempt of court if the noise exceeds 70 decibels when the company has been operating the same way for so many years.

“We just don’t want to set ourselves up to a situation where we can’t operate and do what we need to do to produce a product for our customers,” Niedzwiecki said.

Conerly told Niedzwiecki that the sound is not measured from the company’s property but rather the property line of the complainant.

“We’ll be certainly glad to talk to you guys about it,” said Conerly.

Niedzwiecki said Decostar would like an opportunity to measure the noise over the course of a week to see if the company is at risk.

“We want to be a good business in the community and we appreciate the city and the county but we also have to produce and it is a 24-hour operation,” he said. “We’ll work with you.”

Conerly and City Manager Tim Grizzard agreed to meet with the company to discuss the matter further.


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