Carroll County Board of Commissioners Chairman Marty Smith said it is important to unify the county by ensuring the leaders are in clear communication with each other. According to Smith, building a strong team as a county is vital in order for things to get done efficiently and effectively.

There will be some rebuilding to be done this year. Longtime Commissioner Trent North, who last year was named superintendent of Douglas County Schools, resigned his seat on the board, and Vicki Anderson announced last week that she will not be seeking re-election. North, who was vice chairman of the BOC, served more than 26 years on the board. Anderson, a nurse, said she feels that after 12 years someone else should have the opportunity to lead. 

"Our biggest thing that we'll be looking at for 2018 will be rebuilding," Smith said. "With Trent, finding a replacement like that after so many years is going to be a task. He has so much governmental knowledge and intuitional knowledge so he's going to be very hard to replace. Vicki has done a great job within her district as well. So right now, it's going to be a big concern. We need to have people that want to get involved, who want to be involved with the board, to step up."

Smith said there are a few constrcution projects on the horizon. He said there is a team determining a location for the site of the new administration building and there are plans to add to public safety.

"We're going to be considering a new fire station and we're looking at an additional ambulance for the area for the county," he said. "We've got major renovations going on at the Ag Center where we are going to be totally remodeling the building and we hope it will be up and running, hopefully by spring. There is also the Oak Mountain Park pavilion for 2018 and we should complete the Tyus Road Bridge project in 2018."

Smith commended the leadership in the municipalities.

"When one of our municipalities does well, then our county is doing well so it is a direct reflection," said Smith. "We're kind of unique in that we have seven municipalities in Carroll County and we all get along and work together. ... We are all prospering and working together and I think that is a commitment of everybody willing to work together and coming to the table and making things happen, and that is a signature for Carroll County. What impresses me most is when people come to town talk of Carroll County works together with all those entities."




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