Students in Carroll County and Carrollton schools are getting face-to-face feedback on testing from members of The Rotary Club of Carrollton who made this their 2017-18 Rotary Grant Project.

Jill Duncan, who is involved with the Carroll County Education Collaborative and the Rotary Club, knew of the need to help students be prepared to be enlisted, enrolled, or employed upon high school graduation.

“From personal experience with YouScience, my daughter had taken the assessment while in high school and I felt this would be a perfect way to work with local high schools and help prepare our students,” said Duncan, a Carrollton businesswoman. “From my work with the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Committee, I was aware of the present and future workforce needs of our local industries.”

Duncan looked into YouScience, which seemed to be a good resource to help prepare students. In the spring of 2017, Duncan met with Carroll County Schools Superintendent Scott Cowart and Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus.

“I discussed our Rotary’s suggestion, and they agreed to find time to have the students take the test as well as to have volunteers work with the students,” Duncan said. “Our grant includes not only funds to pay for the reporting but also the manpower to work with the students after taking the test.”

The Georgia Department of Education and the Technical College System of Georgia offered to pay to test for high school students in Georgia who were willing to offer the test.

“Our volunteers, all of whom have completed their own assessment and taken a training class provided by YouScience representatives, have an understanding of the assessment and how to review the results with the students,” Duncan said. “YouScience has been around for several years and previous studies show that students who take at least 20 minutes to review the results with someone have a better understanding and were much more likely to choose careers based on the aptitudes discovered in the results.”

The volunteer group is comprised of Rotarians, local business people and educators. They meet with ninth-graders prior to registering for classes for their 10th-grade year.

“After the entire class of students has completed the assessment, the schools let us know,” Duncan said. “We notify YouScience and YouScience runs reports. Once the reports are received, we work with the schools to determine the most helpful way to work with the students and set up a day or days to be in the schools.”

Rotarians have already met with Bowdon students and will meet with all high schools in the county. The reports provided by YouScience can be used by the schools’ counselors to help individual students understand which pathways might match their aptitudes.

“This is helpful when deciding which classes to take, whether dual-enrollment or Move on When Ready is an appropriate choice, and on technical college or four-year degree, military, or beginning a career upon graduation,” Duncan said. “The reports provided to the industry can make them aware of the potential local workforce in our area as they show a number of students with high aptitudes for certain types of industry, such as health care, IT, construction, and manufacturing.”

Duncan said Rotarians hope this will create even more of a partnership between local schools and industries. 


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