A former member of the Carroll County Board of Education is seeking another term. Bill Kecskes is running for the school board's District 5 seat.

“I have served on the board for Mt. Zion from 2003 to 2007 and I wanted to come back to the board to help,” Kecskes said. “During my previous tenure on our school board, we realized many proud achievements including the construction and expansion of many schools to alleviate overcrowding. As a board, we were extremely proud of the 12 for Life program-school in partnership with Southwire.”

The district seat is currently held by Donald Nixon, who is seeking re-election.

Kecskes said that after he left the board, he quietly worked at former Carroll County Schools Superintendent John Zauner’s direction to negotiate with county commission chairman and the Carroll County Water Authority in reaching a three-way governmental agreement to construct a water pipeline extension in order to build the new Mount Zion High School.

“Without this water, our Mount Zion High School was not going to be built where it is today,” Kecskes said.

Kecskes said that his top three interest to focus on our safety, budget and communication with the board.

“School safety is one because I am concerned that our schools are too porous and the example I want to use is Haralson County High School,” Kecskes said. “I taught there in 1999 and out front there was a guard shack where a deputy could keep watch during schools hours.”

Kecskes said that no one came in the school without signing in and out with the deputy. Kecskes said he thought although it was simple, it was effective.

“I used to be a banker so I see the school budget as a concern,” Kecskes said. “Even in the past 12 years since I have been off the board I have read the 277 pages of the budget and I see a lot of waste in there.”

Kecskes said he is not happy seeing the waste of spending that comes from local taxes and not state funding. Kecskes said he would have the 277-page budget scrutinized by the board and have accountability for the budget.

“I want to see all the board members speak as a single voice,” he said. “I know we run my district but the truth is we represent the county as a whole and I want us all to represent the county as a whole and not singular districts.”

Qualifying for 2018 partisan and nonpartisan offices began on Monday. Qualifying candidate information is posted online by the Georgia Secretary of State office at http://elections.sos.ga.gov/GAElection/CandidateDetails.


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