Three people took the stand Tuesday to testify on behalf of a man accused of shooting his nephew to death during a family Thanksgiving gathering.

Jacky Junior Cline, 52, of Roopville is charged with murder in the Nov. 24 death of Nicholas Madden, 29, of Bowdon.

Cline was in court for his bond hearing, which had been requested by his attorney, Jason Swindle.

One of those called to speak on behalf of Cline’s character was Kevin Jackson, a former Carroll County commissioner who worked with Cline at Carroll EMC. Jackson said he has known Cline for 15 years and that Cline was never one to break the rules and would never run from a situation.

Jackson pointed out that the entire first three rows on the defense side were packed with Cline's friends and co-workers from Carroll EMC who were there to support him.

Greg Denney, chief financial officer of the Douglas County School System, told the court that Cline has been his best friend since primary school and that he was in disbelief when he heard the news. Denney also testified that Cline was not the type of person to run from a situation.

Gary Bullock, interim city manager for the city of Bowdon and former CEO of Carroll EMC, told the court that he agreed to testify on behalf of Cline when Swindle asked because Cline is a good friend and good person.

Investigator Barry Buchanan of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office testified that he interviewed Cline after the shooting and that Cline said multiple times he was distraught and wanted to kill himself.

Buchanan said precautions were taken to protect Cline and that he was placed under suicide watch, but has since been upgraded.

Alicia Madden, wife of Nicholas Madden, took the stand and told Superior Court Judge Bill Hamrick and the courtroom that she and her family were hurting because they lost their protector. Madden said her 6-year-old daughter asks to check the Carroll County Jail log to make sure that Cline is still listed so that she can fall asleep at night.

Crystal Cline, wife of Jacky Junior Cline, testified that she and her husband were staying with their daughter because she and Jacky had bought property in Carrollton on which  to build their future.

In the closing remarks, Swindle again cited the number of people who stood by Cline through this difficult time and what Cline’s family and friends said about his character. Swindle said that if Cline were to be allowed bond, Cline could seek professional help.

Attorney Melissa Garcia said that Cline’s mental state should not be taken lightly. She also said that Mr. and Mrs. Cline do not yet have a house and have to live with their daughter, and that there is a family who now fears for their safety.

After the 90-minute hearing, Hamrick said he would issue a ruling after he considers the case.

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